28 MORE Black Picture Books That Aren’t About Boycotts, Buses or Basketball (2018)

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When I made the first of these lists back in 2016 I had no idea the places it would go: Libraries, schools and families all over the world continue to share it even now, and I am humbled by its reception. I’ve long threatened to do a sequel to that list, so here it is. Same old librarian, all new tricks. Same rules apply:

1) Titles that came out within the last ten years (or so).
2) A spread in the gender of the protagonists.
3) Shine light on typically ignored aspects of black life. Nothing against history, but we aren’t exactly hurting for books on slavery. We could do with some more books about fishing, owning pets, and generally any other hobby children have. (That said, this list caught a lot more history than the last one.)

The books are not ranked in any way. Creator(s) are noted: Author/Illustrator.

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Everyone brings something to the table.

This has been sitting out here since Nov 2017

If you take away the root passion and willingness to fight for and give voice to those who cannot.. then what do we have left??

Everyone brings something to the table… our experiences and acquired knowledge contribute to who we are and what life situations we choose to navigate…

What I find astonishing is that many would want folks to dismiss their cultural identity…. say it aint so…

There are many Culture Bearers, Advocates, Representatives etc who are on the forefront of human rights have witnessed, experienced, been subjected to behaviors and conditions which caused them to speak up for people in the first place.

Human Rights demand that we consider, reflect and include ALL at the table… this is not a monolithic society .. we’re more like a meal everyone can take part in.. “Diversity, Equity & Inclusion”

“Human rights are moral principles or norms that describe certain standards of human behaviour, and are regularly protected as legal rights in municipal and international law.”

We make accommodations for many, yet the key is that WE ALL GET A TASTE … or at least have input from choice of ingredients, acquisition of such, where the meal would be prepared and who would be doing the cooking …and how we bring everyone to the table to partake.

Life aint easy, and no we cannot just whitewash everything.

If we do so… MY VOICE wont be heard… neither will YOURS!!

Never neglect who you are inside.. your spirit depends on it.

#BrainPhart It tears me up inside to read the comments of self hate, ignorance and battery.. why is that we cant just accept that other human beings exist and they will individually show the world who and what they are without regret!!

I’ve always been a “natural cheerleader” .. my voice has always been loud.. many of my movements made in stealth.. one has no idea how behind the scenes can get ya “front and center” .. we live this life to the fullest.

Making no excuses, taking no prisoners.. hopefully expressing freedom in venues and genres never contemplated.

Many cry for us.. the descendants of the survivors of the MAAFA.. they say we have no culture.. can’t find our roots.. don’t know where we come from. … and yet still WE RISE!!

I’ve had many a discussion that if in fact the Middle Passage had not occurred.. we wouldn’t have flavored the world. Forced migration has led to world wide infiltration.. yet if we could keep #Connectingthedotsacrossthediaspora.

To consider this world without Africa’s multi generational descended children spread across the globe would be a travesty.. it’s a double edged sword.

There will be a day.. it’s coming.. as these DNA results come full circle.. when families will have the means to break bread and be one.

Is it a dream? My own family .. those who flow from Lucille & Charles is spread thin.. USA.. UK.. JAMAICA.. 1st, 2nd & now 3rd generations of cousins never having the opportunity to play and lay foundation.. they didn’t get the chance to experience their grandparents now departed en masse.

I think about the great grands as they enter this plane and how will they be introduced to their cultural heritage.. yes they have one.. being Jamaican is not just about flag waving.

When I think of those who never had the experience of making it to the island .. yet do know how to respond to the rhythms.

That identifying core.. that which makes one more than the politically correct label one has acquired through filed papers and parental migration. I am grateful.

Grateful that I was born in one land.. of parents from another.. journeyed to yet another and in the midst of that had the opportunity to “cut teeth” where my parents were born.

Someone asked me other day if I needed to know what tribes in Africa I came from.. it hasn’t really been an interest of mine because Ive always had a rich heritage and culture to draw from.. to base my actions.. stories and history from.. I am Jamaican.. do I need to dig deeper?

Yes, #Connectingthedotsacrossthediaspora, I want to go to the places where the ships docked.. get to the locations of Toni Morrison’s Bench by the Road.. coupled with the cities that participate in the Middle Passage Remembrances indicated at www.remembertheancestors.com

I’d want to explore the “gifts and skillsets” that came with the Africans from their individual regions and how these customs and practices have been carried down through time and their current application in African descended daily life across the globe.

My cameras aren’t the greatest but my passion is genuine. I’ll get where I need to be when the time is right.

Never neglect who you are inside.. your spirit depends on it.

CALL TO ACTION!! #Emanuel9RallyforUnity June 23 – Marion Sq. Charleston SC

“Politicians, musicians, and supporters will gather at Marion Square for a rally against gun violence on June 23 — days after the third anniversary of the 2015 racially-motivated shooting of nine parishioners at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in downtown Charleston. Link to register on Eventbrite  

From 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., thousands are expected to gather a block away from the church to call for an end to the gun violence epidemic plaguing the country. In 2016, South Carolina had the 10th highest number of gun deaths per capita in the country, according to the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence. South Carolina was also responsible for supplying the sixth highest number of crime guns to other states per capita in 2016.   “The divisive state of affairs globally requires a Call to Action, reminding us all that ‘Love is Our Mission'” Excerpts from https://lnkd.in/eQ3RsWH



2018 #Emanuel9RallyforUnity