#BrainPhart on Cultural Acceptance – reaction to a FB Post


The original post was of a little girl dancing… I found some of the remarks to be without merit and stated so.


Please folks… take yourself or your child to #AfricanDance and #AfricanDrum classes.. EMBRACE THE CULTURE OF THE ORIGINALS!!!!

It’s quite interesting when people dont take the time to research and just run off at the mouth foul things come out..

This little girl is an accomplished performer.

Contrary to popular belief Africans on the Continent dont spend all day in traditional clothing… matter of fact she looks like any little girl around the way, no matter what country they are in.

It is disheartening to realize that not many even know what African Dance consists of, that they speak of it in terms of it being something foreign to their nature yet most claim to be of African descent.

Folks it is more than time to get in touch with your roots and explore the various cultures and customs of African societies.

Africa has to be more than “that place they brought out Ancestors from”

Visit, Read, Watch Videos.. most of all LEARN CULTURAL ACCEPTANCE…

One of the major problems with travelers is that they think they’re country is the norm, when you get back to Africa (so Ive been told and have observed (videos) that there is NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN… we are simply recalling movements that our Ancestors placed in our DNA.

I was blessed to be sent to Jamaica to go to school.. otherwise I would think they were strange as well.

Now I live in Charleston… Im damn glad the drums play here…WoSe of Charleston, Deninufay African Dance & Drum Production, ADANDE African Drum and Dance Company, Wona Womalan, Yes Lord WE”RE BLESSED!!!!

Everyone can learn from African culture.. it is simply where everything began!



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