Domestic Abuse is NOT to be tolerated whether you’re a public figure or ’round the way excuse of a person. . (I put it this way bcs many of both sexes dont know how to keep their hands to themselves)

I wont fault TMZ .. they dig up stuff.. Yellow Journalism.. if it wasnt there for them to pay the price for it.. we wouldnt know the full truth.

Now as to the then traumatized girl friend turned wife and her forgiveness.. let’s really look at this..

Have either of them sought help??

Forgiveness doesnt always mean that common sense has set in..

What are his triggers?
They let him slide claiming this was a first incident.


His actions (no I didnt watch the video.. I dont need the flashbacks.. the posts and comments alone are rough to deal with) are those of one who has been able to get away with this for a long time.

An insecure bully doesn’t materialize overnight.

It’s sad that when one doesnt have control over their lives they are capable of destroying the lives of many.

I have no sympathy for either one.

You cannot be in the spotlight .. do a woman you claim to love like that and expect the world to accept you.

Professional athletes are finally being dealt with as human beings and not G-ds walking the earth.

Enough is enough.

Hopefully he has a degree.. can go get a job, start a business and get on with their lives.

They aren’t the first and won’t be the last.

Battered Woman Syndrome is a bitch. #LoveHimFromADistance

Trust me.. been there done that.. Im alive.. inside and out.. is she?

Every time his voices raises. . She’ll flinch.. his hand moves a certain way in the air.. she’ll hold her breath.. he looks at her.. she’ll lower her eyes.. he goes to touch her.. she’ll cringe..

She can’t be happy.
$$$$$$ aint gonna make a difference.. they’re both sad inside.

I hope they receive a lot of counselling because all hell is breaking loose in their lives right now!!


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