My Work is meant for Tomorrow!!!

It is fascinating to me that the same”audience” who will watch folks get chopped up, shot and bloody, albeit senseless violence.. want snippets of culture in 15 second flashes.

That is sooo wrong… I tend to OD on culture living in the Lowcountry.

There are so many events that I havent even begun to peek at .. ‪#‎logistics‬

A woman told me the other day I was going to all the wrong places .. there is no way Im going to meet men at museums, cultural events, symposiums, and educational forums…

Im not saying she’s wrong or right.. but damn…. our “bars” are set at different stages.

The past couple of weeks have been mindblowing and educational.

Ive done the pics and have just started to immerse myself in the videos.

WOW and WOW again. I like attending events where as many senses are stimulated as possible. My photographs and videos are a direct result of the vibe in the atmosphere. yes, sometimes I do take it a notch higher… just as I was told about the other night “I added colour to the event”.

We all have purposes.. tee he hee

I dont know how and wont dumb down access to knowledge and cultural expression.

Yes my videos are long.. just as long as features of bullshiggidy… yet Im offering access to that which we normally dont pay attention and take for granted.

This next video is FULL … it truly will entice and excite certain memories.. I know it will serve a purpose for those who were in attendance… Life is about LIVING and I have fun documenting those precious moments. They might not mean a damn to some souls today… but tomorrow… Yeah Baby… My Work is meant for Tomorrow!!!


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