Do what you can when you can…

Some of you may see yourselves in this… but then again it could just be me…

I recognize that I am angry about a few things… I wanted to speak with someone… impartial, unbiased and in seeking such, came across hurdles that didn’t make any damn sense

See if you’re crazy enough to realize that you just need an ear then you are sane enough not to warrant immediate assistance under the current medical guidelines..

There has to be some measure of mental assistance to those who are disabled, whose disability is not mental… you get my drift.

There are everyday stresses that are compounded when you are lacking in certain physical areas which keep you from doing what you want to do when you want to do it…..

Sometime you want to step left and your body goes right… you dont come down from that too easy…

Im speaking because some one else wants to speak and they are afraid…

Im just typing…. so to whomever needs to see this… the struggle is not yours alone…

Do what you can when you can…

Facebook is part of my self therapy… y’all dont cost a damn except time… LOL


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