Life can be like a Shekere…. SHAKE IT UP!!!!!

August 3 ·

I take no blame for the fact that the food in my next video really and truly WILL HAVE YOU LICKING SOMETHING…..

Maaaaaaaaan such a simply dish.. 3 minutes of which 2 mins are SINFUL!!!!! LOL

Think I better put the finishing touches on ‪#‎ShekereWarriorsatWoSe‬ ….

Im going to dedicate this piece of work to Ibaye Babas Charles Robinson(my G-dfather) and Abu Shabazz – Linwood Daniel…who introduced me to Baba Charles in the first place.

Their combined spiritual energies worked for me… 

Abu aka LORD SHEKERE… placed that first glass of water by my head and calmed the sequencing down…. he was known all over the world for the away he handled the gourd!!!!

Our Egun played well together…

It was said at times we appeared as twins.. very animated and laughing always… a great friend….

He guided me to a lifelong walk.. my first bembe … had me on Reading Rainbow with Forces of Nature…. numerous cultural activities all over New York City!!!

Yet he let me know when he was crossing… his shekere was leaned on it’s side at the base of a tree… the dream was verified weeks later.

I know they both touch down in the Lowcountry from time to time… LOL… that’s why this morning was so very special…..

I dont usually shoot the way I did… 

Ive been dancing to the beat of the drum a long time.


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