Never be scared to speak up.. someone just might be listening.

Speaking straight off da cuff.. no chaser is simple for me.

I dont like much frilly fro fro in my life or language.

What I have found is that blatant honesty is not always acceptable.

There are some who would much prefer that you lie to their faces and fabricate a fraudulent lifestyle.

This is ME.. no need for me dress it up because the speech is going to be the same.

As DMcD says “differently abled”

Though I do have some public obligations, I do have time to explore, share and appreciate the company of another.

I dont need for whomsoever to pay any bills.. Ive got that covered. I live within my means.

Hair and nails.. he doesn’t have to stress..

His concern should be communication and companionship.

Straight from the heart and filled with spirit.

Now I know there are folks saying “what the hell”…

As it stands maturing has quieted me some but not entirely. Lol

You see something in life you go after it.

I havent seen much yet I can say Ive seen one BUT he’s separated.. in my mind that means married.. so no bueno.

As for the other.. Bless their hearts.. wonderfully young. . BUT spreading legs just to spread legs aint my thing.

I require mental stimulation. Great conversation.. walks.. rides.. time… possibly even weird stuff. Lol

I mean damn, they say not to covet.. I may not covet the actual person but the scenario.. and they also said you never know what going on behind closed doors.

49 and half.. half a century and its a damn shame I have yet to be in a mutual loving relationship.

I guess some of us have to wait for that good good.

Trust me I have no fear in speaking my mind. Patience Ive got.. and yes I put the work in.

There’s got to be an Alpha who doesn’t fear my larger than life personality because if he’s the right one … I’ll be purring like a kitten.

Time will tell. 

Never be scared to speak up.. someone just might be listening.


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