We all have spiritual walks. I was guided well along my journey.

I thought I had made an album…. since he appears to be heavy on my mind this morning…. I can spend sometime with him this way.

We all have spiritual walks. I was guided well along my journey.

I had the distinct honor and pleasure of being the G-dchild of Baba Charles for the past 25+ years.

He took flight 6/19/2013. He was good people. MODUPUE BABA!!!

I truly miss this dude man.. seriously. Charles Robinson was the epitome of unconditional love from one human being to the world. 10/21/2014

Most have seen my DNA root… This Brother here is my Spiritual Root… He has brought me through more storms that one can imagine.

Ive had a volcanic force in my life for near 25 years.

There has been no one in my 48 years who could ever rival the friendship, guidance and total acceptance of me than Baba Charles Robinson

There are times in life when we meet those who smile in the face of adversity.

Who pick themselves up and brush themselves off and who most importantly, love unconditionally….

Baba your name stays in the air to the Most High… 1  6/19/2013

Ibae Charles Robinson
I could say Im at a loss for words but Im the G-dchild of an Aganyu..
I was prepped for this moment as all his soldiers were.
I couldn’t have received a better match for me as a G-dparent.
Patient, kind, tough, honest, fair… no matter what was going down.. I was his Ogun.
My heartfelt condolences to the Robinson Family, the Ocha / Orisha families that flowed from Stephanie & Lloyd Weaver… to the Aganyu & Yemonya communities.
Drummers, Musicians, Artists Guilds….
G-d you called a great soldier home…. Sala Malecun Tata
Baba… I ain’t got to miss you… I’ll keep listening to the wind. 1  6/19/2013

IBAYE Baba Charles Robinson IBAYE
Modupue … Baba, the laughter started. Im good!!!!
You’re The Best Baba / Tata a Jamaican British Sista could have ever had!!! A quarter century man.. Until we meet again. Upstairs or Downstairs!! Let those robes flow~~~~ ‪#‎FlightTime‬ 1 — with Charles Robinson. 6/19/2013


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