Folly Jazz Festival …. my notes before I look at the pics and videos I shot… LOL

Nice Twitter stats for the weekend … favorites and retweets make me smile.. Folks obviously like Jazz, Big Band, Instruments, Music, the Beach and Sunrises..

Of course, in addition to the 2 days of musical activities… Ive got lots of sunrise pics… I stepped away on Sunday morning to take pics on the other side so did catch “the instant” the Sun began to appear on the horizon….

I was not going to miss it this morning… cameras were in position!!

My mother before she crossed over indicated that I know how to survive, when would I learn how to live…

I come to see it is an acquired persistence of having one’s soul touched and even more so making continual efforts to participate in activities that elevate one’s spirit.

Documenting an event is a process…. Im still not in the know…

At some point today, I expect to be overwhelmed by the photographs and videos of the two days I spent at the inaugural Folly Jazz Festival.

Being there was an absolute blessing … being part of the nurturing flow created by those Sunday evenings of Jazz on The Edge has appeased my musical spirits… coming on the scene first at Sandbar Seafood and Steak Restaurant, Folly Beach, SC and now at home at The Grill and Island Bar.

Awesome food..Great staff led by Jason Craig THANK YOU

When you get to partake in someone’s dream, in this case Starr Acheson &Patience Clements… one is honored…

“My Folly Sistas” worked their asses off to pitch, procure, produce and present this 2 day near 15 act musical epic experience!

Im damn glad I said YES back in February when Starr requested my presence!!!

I witnessed an “AH HA Lightbulb” moment last night… I cant wait to see what
Ladies cook up… THANK YOU

Kudos to the FJF committee… looking forward to Nov. 7 & 8th, 2015!!!!

I had my cranky moments because who da heck brought “Da Chill” to Charleston and Folly Beach of all places!!!!

I saw folks who I hadn’t seen in a minute though we Like, Share and Comment on a regular basis on FB. I had a blast!!!!!

I met so many new people… it was fantastic!!!

Each one of them an accomplished musical artist …… from 14 – 89 do you know how freaking awesome it was to witness and have access to document such an interchange of inter-generational musical genius.

I’ll sum it up like this…. Ive been BLESSED!!!!!


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