There are always levels to this ish.

At times cycles repeat … there are introductory and probationary periods in life.

I see Oshun smiling.. it’s her doing .. that 5 again .. in concert with an unlikely ally though few realize that pretty and dangerous always flow together.

There are complexities of the human psyche that I dare not involve myself; the intricacies of others in concert where emotions are said to be in love can get messy.

This is where Im saved each time.. though there are periods of alone time.. warrior progression .. there is always a life cycle achievement for one’s service.

What I thought was graduation time wasn’t. One cannot use an academic scheduling on spiritual matters.

Life tends to flow it’s own way… as you recognize the cycle that you are traveling through .. you know the next level is presenting itself.

There is no conclusion.. no prize.. just simple progression.

There are always levels to this ish.

If you are able to go able your daily tasks with an inner smile and appreciation of the forces of nature and are moved by the movement of the planets.. then you are indeed on the way.

Some constantly fight and buck the very nature of their own personal spirit and repeatedly blame these blockages on the universe.

We have to listen to the stillness around us.

There is movement in the air which delivers personal messages at all times, if we could just breathe a little to receive it.


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