A Sewing Room

In my future …. A Sewing Room …. a space where these spirits can play.

They have been very patient with me in the past 4 years… they know they have no room to play.

Trust me.. when sewing begins in my home… it’s a Spiritual Party.

My Mother and Grand Mother sewed in Sewing Circles .. only some can grasp this notion…

Moments of constant creativity spurred by rhythms of voice… the sssh sssshing of the scissors … back and forth motions of Singer Foot pedals… watching the wheels turn… (electricity didnt come until later)

Blanket, binding, hemming, basting… tacking .. pleats.. curling.. hook and eyes, buttons and gores.

needle and thread… clot’… that’s the way my father said it.. my mother had this way of going to Pitkin Ave, the Bowery, Delancy or 14th Street and returning with BOLTS of material… there was always a method to her madness..

I know all these tricks of the trade except my body aint with it right now…

There has to be away of let this spirit be released … trust me there is an entire line of very unique items that are waiting to surface..

They’ll surface in due time… it’s just that they require their own space… this is one thing that my Sewing Spirits dont play with.. they do not like sharing energies.

Sewing is a pristine relationship… the bond is sacred…

there is a flow… sometimes the garment reveals itself, then awaits manifestation..

other times the cloth appears and speaks to the seamstress/tailor.

Either way.. it a spiritual union… no matter which comes first…
Some move with pattern.. others can free cut…
some are anal to the point of madness
others produce as much as others breathe…

yet once the pinning occurs.. some still do use pattern and the cutting begins…
aint no turning back… the journey is in progress….


The construction of a garment is as sacred as the construction of a dwelling…
it is indeed.. for a body..

My Mother a Seamstress / Baker .. My Father a Carpenter / Mason

Measurements are a way of life in my world… math was applied from day one.

then the stitching begins… oh the joy as the art forms…

pardon me… Im getting a bit too excited…

They are claiming their space

They must see the home..

I can smell the backyard.

I can feel the presence of the Most High

My Blessings all in due time!!!!



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