‪#‎MyBiggestFear‬ .. loss of my smile.


‪#‎MyBiggestFear‬ .. loss of my smile. A smile is a personal greeting card. ‪#‎NeedDentalCare‬ Though I have medical coverage there is no ‪#‎dental‬ coverage available for the ‪#‎disabled‬ over 21 in Charleston SC on ‪#‎Medicaid‬ nor does ‪#‎Medicare‬ cover it. My only dental alternatives should not be extraction but access to affordable preventative dental maintenance. If you know if such a program.. pls let me know. Mouth and Teeth Health are extremely important yet programs have disappeared from the Charleston peninsula and ‪#‎ECCO‬ is overwhelmed. The annual ‪#‎DAD‬ ‪#‎DentalAccessDays‬ are.overwhelmed as well and in different regions each year.


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