Be easy with you.

Soooo someone remembered to turn on the heat.. its gonna be a trip in a little while. I think she has the thermostat on near 80º

Y’all continue the prayers on me having mine.. ‪#‎IDontShareWell‬ LOL

Woke up this morning with overflowing waters above my head in the bathroom..

Common sense aint so damn common indeed.

I guess there will be many anecdotes that come through the next few months as I journey to that which is mine to do what I do.

See it’s not stagnation. Its preparation.

Humility is a garnered strength.. it’s a warrior’s way.

LOL the words to the Kappa Sweetheart song comes to mind..

A lot of things I could have done.. lot of things I could have been but decidedly ME this incarnation at this time has chosen this space and place to play.

Funny how sometimes the big dreams get derailed by the little ones because they gain momentum and propel you into a position of easily manifesting the big dream.

See it’s all about patience.

Everything isn’t going to come Right Now. And if it does its usually at a heck of a cost.

One has to nurture a dream.

Take the time to develop and explore ALL YOUR SKILLS. They’rebfrom you .. they will support the bigger dreamed.

They’re not deferred. They are awaitjng their moment.

Be easy with you. Work steadily .. embrace your own pace of creativity.

Preserve your spirit and mantain your integrity to your craft.

It will all pay off in due time. 1

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