Be Obedient to Your Spirit

Mama Helen's 39th Ocha Birthday

“Years ago when I was falling in love with Orisa, Baba Oladele Fann ibaye gave me a 45 disc of Ocha music. The record had a cover picturing a Cuban man sitting by his Ocha which had been dressed for an anniversary. I loved that picture even if I did not know what the music was about at the time…hey I was a teenager into African dance. Now here in my eyes a recreation of that record cover as I celebrate 39 years of Obatala dancing in my head. Modupe pupo Brenda Jennifer Peart for capturing this image. Orisa Eepa!”


Notes from +BRENDA J. PEART (MsBJPeart Da Visual Griot)

The coolest thing about this occasion I had been taking occasional pictures throughout the evening. Seemingly overwhelmed about the fact that I had indeed been returned to the fold.

It’s been nearly 5 years since Ive lived in Charleston SC and had yet to attend an Ocha function. My heart and soul had been crying for this very evening. Here I was.

The cameras were packed away.. this was the last photo as I was exiting taken with my phone. I knew I wanted it for the cover of my photo album on Facebook… I didnt know it would be linked directly to the past. Mafedefun Egun.


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