YES.. it’s the human thing to do.

Rambling thoughts..

Dancing leaves, swaying trees .. still of the night pierced by Boeing or was it.military … same difference.. they always bank a turn overhead.

It takes a lot of work to keep one’s spirits up in the cold and yet alone. A vicious combination.

Don’t let folks fall through the cracks.
Me.. I use social media .. my peeps lnow Im alive because Im posting.

This next month and a half stretch is tough for many.

Reach out as best you can .. it know its not easy.. but someone out there is going to have their life saved because someone gave a damn.

Check on the Elders in the community.

Invite singles and college students to your gatherings. Trust me. It makes a difference.

Not everyone is surrounded by loved ones or family.. thinking of the traveling workers… military.. shoot regular people like me.

Sometimes you just end up in new territory.

You know people bytch a lot about folks working holidays. . But the funny thing is. There are always customers.

There are many who dine alone on holidays in restaurants that they used to have quietly to themselves.. now since some folks never learned how to cook the restaurants have traditionally become their homes on holidays.

The malls. A place for people to quietly go about their business without the masses.

Many have no idea what it is to be in a town where folks know your name but not enough for inclusion.

It’s ok to pay attention to the energy around you!!

Are we really supposed to give a damn that much about a neighbor?

Sighing heavily.. YES.. it’s the human thing to do. ‪#‎DepressionIsAMutha‬

Remember to ‪#‎CheckYaPeepsSayHi‬


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