Give yourself a break and LOVE ON YOU A LITTLE BIT..

What’s the excuse you use to STOP you from MAKING CHANGES in your life that YOU KNOW will benefit YOU and YOURS in the long run…

but you know folks would be damn angry if you went on the “ME” Bus right now… let them stay in their lane…

Let me holler at you a minute…

See this is the thing about MANIFESTING A DREAM… at some point or another… folks are going to be a tad bit angry because you are spending so much time with YOU…

Until you take the time to PUT YOUR PLAN INTO ACTION you will always be just “plodding along”… DAMN IT LIFE IS FOR LIVING!!!

Make the SACRIFICE … I know it is hard, lonely and Lord knows it aint easy.

Yet Inner Peace is so very worth it… when you know YOU are doing what YOU ARE CALLED TO DO… respect YOUR SPIRIT and HONOR YOUR SOUL…

Allow for UNIVERSAL LOVE to be shared and spread through you.

See, HAPPY PEOPLE 😀 …. they make a difference in the lives of others..

Every now and then .. an inbox message.. “How can I get what you have?” HUH????

Im spiritually blessed with some measure of balance because Ive weathered a few storms.

It’s given me the fortitude and preparedness to Stop, Listen and then Act with the assurance of future storms to come… yet the knowledge to know… I can see the silver lining in the clouds.. always have.

What gets you through is FAITH .. yeah it can get weary..

Yet, if you have indeed been true to YOU .. you can handle anything.

See when something comes to ROCK YOUR FOUNDATION.. if your azz aint know how to STAND … then you just might fall … some may sway and rock.. to and fro… yet the past has given you the lesson to PLANT YOUR FEET FIRMLY and BE TRUTHFUL TO YOURSELF AND YOUR BELIEFS …
then Yes… whatever is left in the wake of the storm…you can handle.

Give yourself a break and LOVE ON YOU A LITTLE BIT..

You got to treat YOU right to know what you can accept from another.

Check YOU out… it’s ever too late or too early…



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