One has to practice achieving moments of serenity to maintain one’s sanity.

Let’s see… do you think if I click “I dont want to see” this on enough of the Generational Hollywood Sex Scandal that FB will get the hint…

See folks just dont get it.. this is only the beginning…

That man aint roll by himself.. you know how many old timers are BUGGING RIGHT NOW…..

Quite a few are still entertaining… folks have to understand that TIMES WERE DIFFERENT….

All this BS they say about WHY WHY WHY… YOU KEPT YOUR MOUTH SHUT… just like how you kept is shut when old men in your area wanted you to sit on their laps… DAYUM Them freaking FLASHBACKS – DO NOT FADE CORRECTLY .. they can always be TRIGGERED…

These freedom of speeches and access to INFORMATION wasnt possible back them..

Shit.. today someone farts across the world, we smell the stench before the sphincter even tightens back up.

What I am saying that as a SURVIVOR of all types of shit… this constant bombardment … overexposure of PREDATORS, VICTIMS and Praise Da Lord … SURVIVORS (The only thing that eases the spirit) is stressful.

Trust me.. this is one of the times Im really glad I dont have a television.
I couldnt take the constant assault from the news media.

On the internet.. if I scroll by or dont click .. I can buffer myself a bit.

As bold as I may be… Im fragile.. my spirit is delicate. Im sensitive to my fellow human beings on this planet called Earth.

Empathy .. the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. (Dictionary Definition)

Empathy – I feel what you feel… your pain, anger, disgust, joy, pride, sorrow.. with such intensity that my stomach flips and my eyes leak. (Me)

It takes a lot of work to shield oneself from the constant pain of the world.. seeking out the JOY is really hard work but it has benefits.

I dont have Battered Woman’s Syndrome and my skin is not that thick that I can just “pass on by” or in some cases “just accept” that I have to be exposed to needless violence, bloodshed and watching folks human rights be trampled.

Im Pisces… my head is not in the sand.. Ive already been to Hell on Earth and I have learned how to LIVE on my terms to the best of my ability given the circumstance.


I CHOOSE to LIVE in the Lowcountry, it may be lonely (Hey Im coming out of Brooklyn.. there is always someone to play with) my health dictates the need for it’s climate … again old before my time… LOL

Ive filtered a lot of violence out of my system. Through it all, my spirit recognizes genuine hugs…

Social media has a way of bringing out the nice and the nasty.. what makes these recollections of “alleged” abuse even more hard to stomach is the comments.

They are at times cruel yet fortunately there are many who speak … they bare their souls to quell the animal in one and inform the ignorant in the same breath. RIGHT ON SISTAS!!!!

It’s a simple choice that I make because I dont want to feel the pain.
It hurts too much… shoot I cant afford to be depressed up in here… my life already has medical mysteries…

We all have something that we could work ourselves up about and raise our blood pressure.

I try very hard not to expose myself to things that has me making an “ugly” face too often…

At this moment.. leaves dance on a so far 12 hour rainy Lowcountry Sunday .. traffic is steady and moving on Upper King St. (Praise Da Lawd)
The hesitated sound of key clicks this keyboard, as the moisture invades my fingers… (time for medication) ..

^^^^^ I had a good run .. let my mind flow and fingers wander.

One has to practice achieving moments of serenity to maintain one’s sanity. 1Luv ‪#‎IGoQuietNow‬


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