It’s more than Ferguson… ‪#‎StayPrayedUpWeALLNeedTheStrength‬

Times like this you more than understand the militancy and frustration of Elders.
As well as the ability to find ways of channeling one’s energy in the wake of the civil revolution that is sure to occur.

Im only 49, yet the constant frustration in my own personal memories.. going back to 77 Blackout ..Howard Beach, Eastern parkway, Bumpers, Amadou Diallo. etc. As I type this I get angry… I can’t take the pain nor the visions.

Or maybe even the nameless tragedies growing up in Jamaica especially during election time… which is why I make efforts to vote here..

At some point.. the authorities over reaction to the civil disobedience, right to protest … worldwide.. the bullshit and the blood they just never stop.

It doesnt matter where you are… the pain of the bullet, the parents cries, the siblings, cousins, friends, teachers. wives.. children..‪#‎LivesMatter‬‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ ‪#‎HumanBeingsMatter‬

it is so emotionally energy draining to feel this massive heaviness of spirit.. so many angry… frustrated.. enraged… furious… even complacent…

It’s more than Ferguson… ‪#‎StayPrayedUpWeALLNeedTheStrength‬

I saw a post earlier… from Nicole Freeher …. she writes….

“I think the largest questions regarding the quite predictable Brown verdict is…

“What ARE u going to do now?”

“What can We do about it together?”

“How can there be change?”

“What are we willing to do to facilitate change?”

Otherwise…I’m not interested in discussing it. Period!”


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