‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ .. ‪#‎OurLivesMatter‬ .. ‪#‎AllLivesMatter‬

Lawd help me as I write this post.

‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ .. ‪#‎OurLivesMatter‬ .. ‪#‎AllLivesMatter‬

The latter two hastags should be the norm.

Yet, it appears that open season has been declared on the lives of young black males from coast to coast at the hands of the “authorities” thus #BlackLivesMatter

As consciousness and civil response increases, people are stepping up to join this humanitarian movement.

There have been some who say they won’t come onboard until the signs say #OurLivesMatter

The kicker is we do not want the country to get to a state of affairs where EVERYONE is walking around in fear from their lives.

Abuse of authority (bullying) spreads as the legal system allows the offenders not to answer for their crimes.

I have to wonder if at someone point no one ever thought that yet again ordinary citizens would take to the streets in protest of such repeated inhuman actions and subsequent seemingly approval from the judicial system.

It gets difficult as each day passes and there is more blood in the streets regardless of the race of the victims and perpetrators.

There have been Civil Rights marches with more to come and the legacy continues.

Im in Charleston SC where protest marches have a different feel.

You sense the Ancestors walking with you… pushing you along.

I can blindly wish all violence away. It wont happen though. Industries are built on conflict. The world needs it for now.

May we have peace, respect, care and concern for our fellow man.

To adlib something I read last week. Each time a man’s assistance was asked for he said NO saying the situation was of no concern to him.
Three times this occurred.
Fast forward, there comes a time when he needs assistance and the help of others would make a difference.. yet since he never helped a soul in the past they all turned their backs and NO ONE would help him now.

Human Rights should be a united cause. We are all human (well I at least hope so) we’ve got to be there for each other. It’s the karmic thing to do.

Don’t let word play keep you from being there for the human race. 1‪#‎GetInvolved‬


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