Do YOU know what a blessing YOU are??

Do YOU know what a blessing YOU are??

YOU better recognize!!! 

Sleep on yourself if you want to.. the universe says otherwise.

Keep on doing what you’re doing!!
Some folks see it as selfish, others think you’ve lost your ever loving mind.

Don’t mind them. . They’re not who YOU are serving.

Remember the Higher Power within you has you working in a Master Plan.

Your efforts are not just for today..
You’ve seen the future and know what foundation must be laid right now!!

Keep doing you Baby .. true wealth is measured by self love, care and concern for one’s fellow man.

I aint gonna lie.. a few dollars does makes a difference; if you know what to do with it.

Be of good cheer.. say a prayer for those gone before and for those just coming in.

Raise prayers for those who are trying to make it hour by hour.. because day by day just seems too much to handle.

Don’t let that straw that could break the camel’s back ease into your life.

Pace yourself. I know we’re not promised tomorrow but if we contribute well to our lives today, tomorrow will benefit.

Aaaahhh these are the things that flood my mind while awaiting REM stage.

Back to visualisations of the dolphins I saw a couple weeks ago at Bowen’s Island!! 


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