Take A Leap of Faith

Im hoping some of the ones who were SCREAMING on FB earlier that they had nothing to look forward too have a chance to see the series of videos that I just shared.

You have to believe me when I say I give a damn..

I wouldnt take the time to leave numbers, comments, hit up the inbox..

I cant make a soul love who the hell they are, I can encourage you to face that you have a future and no matter what the hell you are going through RIGHT NOW..

You can MAKE THAT CHANGE.. it dont take but a split second to CHANGE YOUR LIFE…

The Divine steps in when you make the first step.. it aint always about the money.. you can MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN YOUR LIFE RIGHT NOW…

See I wouldnt be doing this is there wasnt someone who was going through hell.

This probably also a heck of a trigger moment for me..

This run right here.. I remember spazzing out on a gentleman last year.. he didnt deserve it but there was so much repressed pain …
the memories.. the cycle ,.. the beatings.. it wasnt a fight …

Whomsoever the hell needs to see this … read it right…

You know you been stashing things anyway… it’s time to make that move…

You have your ID.. birth certificate.. SS card… ?? or you already made sure they were out of the house…

I hesitated .. I could see what was to come.. but I was literally in a room with one door and no windows

Someone asked me the other night when does one stop pushing people away.

I answered that one never really does, it’s up to the other person to know that the walls that they are mean nothing to them… They get through them with love, care and concern.

Suffering is not living.. existing is not living .. surviving is not living.


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