All these are components of living .. PAY ATTENTION

It’s not that I ignore the tragedies that the world is facing.. I know that there are many whose hearts are broken and the tears cannot seem to stop flowing.

Ive always learned over the years, just how much my empathetic nature can sustain.

Im Pisces to the core, your pain is my pain.

It has taken a lot of work to not necessarily distance, but rather guard my psyche from the damage of “feeling” everything that others are experiencing.

This ability to shield and yet still make a difference was learned through this journey.

It is important in our spiritual walks that we know how to protect ourselves from an over abundance of pain and even joy at times. Everything in moderation in all aspects of our lives.

There are those who have to maintain clear heads in order to be effective on the battlefield of life.

Tragedies are the middle stage of any conflict… like a boil that busts, a clean up team and eventually a solution has to be set in place.
This is where cool and clear heads prevail.

We each have our own fight in the struggle, for many it’s rising in the morning and just hoping that their eyes will open, or that the body will allow enough movement for their feet to hit the floor.

Through it all, there has to be hope, laughter, expression of joy.. all these are components of living..

The celebration of life of those who have met with tragedy is a rough road to travel but it must be done.

It’s going to take a massive amount of universal love to help right the ethnic cleansing that happens globally on a daily basis.

We spoke of what this year would be.. we knew there would be more tears before there was understanding..

In the midst of it all, try your best to maintain your sanity.

Each and every single mind counts … it is during times such as this that leaders emerge. PAY ATTENTION.


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