Prayers unceasingly

Whew … can’t even say a wooo saaa on this one.

The senseless acts of taking the life of another has no color.

Aint nothing but tears flowing, heads shaking and quite a few “I wish I could turn back the hands of time”

The shameless act of murder whether it be 17 y/o with a pen knife .. 22 y/o with flammable liquid .. fathers who wont make it home .. mothers slaughtered with their children

Nations grieve and neighbors cry.

I DONT KNOW HOW OR WHY is everyone’s cry!!

No I dont want to see the death toll trending .. no I dont want to see the ashen bodies, torched beyond recognition.

This is it .. that number 8 .. coming hard, fast and furious letting us know that this is the beginning ..

It’s FAITH and the belief in a HIGHER POWER that will keep you from losing one’s mind and not get distressed at what simply is “natural order”.

How do we get to the minds and hearts to instill a love for one’s fellow “man”.

All around the world.. acts are happening that truly are filling are hearts and minds with pain.

It’s hard to shield oneself from it.
Trust me I try.

Senseless acts of violence know not skin color or economic status.

Senseless acts of violence have no regard for age or ability for one to fend for themselves.

Senseless acts of violence will mobilize the people..

It’s a damn shame… that it’s taken a senseless act of violence for parents to speak with their children.

Senseless acts of violence have no respect for one’s zip code.

Im angry this morning .. some will get it.. some won’t. .

Doesn’t matter if they do.. there are parents of all races in many zip codes making funeral arrangements today.

There are folks whose lives have dramatically changed in the blink of a stupid misguided act.

There is no bringing back the dead which have been ripped from our grasps. They will remain present in our hearts.

I can deal with the dying and the naturally dead ..

I get frigging pissed off when bullshit has someone losing their life and destroys the lives of families for whom it’s going to take a long time for them to come to grips with what went down.

What will come of this? Grief creates the strangest allies.

You give birth to them… raise, nurture and pray they get to adulthood.

We clench our fists at G-d, we ask the Ancestors why they called for the babies.

Aint it a bitch… the times are no different though eons have passed.

We as a people are only human; no invincibility in that.

Praying unceasingly ….

May the shocked souls transition and not be left in limbo.

May the families have assistance in healing for this grief road is long!!

May friends understand the retribution only breeds more pain.

Lord I already know for each death brought to my attention you’ve balanced it with me hearing of those who are being born.

May they have the opportunity to live long healthy prosperous lives.

Dont stop praying folks.

FAITH will be the anchor for many this year. It will help many maintain their sanity.


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