Mercury is retrograde

There is something about the rising of the phoenix
you see when it was in its ashen state
all discombobulated and messed up
it was still thinking..
see it was a matter of spirit
how it was able to recrystallize
and rise

y’all got to be careful
see this retro Mercury has me involved
in linguistic play
playing down in those deep dark depths
Olokuns caverns
Y’all visit there for Black History Month
Can’t get through it without traveling the Middle Passage
clanging chains, moaning screams,

Let me leave that alone for now
them stories be bringing in de Ol’ Ones
Egun ’round up from ‘cross de Diaspora

How many tongues hear???

I be see me in dem
when dem see me
dey laugh and say kin

that which doesnt get released
because for the most part
everything aint for everybody

now for he who wishes to create the vibe
which would cause me to dance with breathe to air moments
that which caresses the soul end elevates the spirit

aaaw man

see something done got them playin’
uh oh dismissal time


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