New Voice – #OGSpeaks

Y’all know sometimes my brain gets triggered and I have a ‪#‎BrainPhart‬

Children need, clothes, food and shelter, now this may involve, water, electricity, in some cases transportation and day care costs including baby sitting fees… that being said.. none of these costs have yet to deal with lunch, after dinner and weekends plus activities.. albeit clubs, teams and possible fees for internet and books of course.

Oh Yeah… dont get me started on HOLIDAYS!!!! Dem chirrun ALWAYS gonna need something EXTRA .. and the BABYSITTING FEE GOES UP!!!!

Parents on both sides contribute to the well being of a child.. if at all possible.. for those who do not reside.. one is always charged with at least keep the level of living and lifestyle similarly maintained in both homes so the child “doesn’t feel some type of way”.

It aint easy and praise G-d she’ll be 25 next week.. through in joint custody across state lines… so yes transportation.. international travel was in the mix from she was months old, disability, child support yes from me and SS .. my jack staying on all the time and staying in a nearby location until I know she was who she was going to be..

You can’t begin to put a dollar on raising a child .. just know that whatever the court is requesting aint enough.. remember.. Children use, gas, light and water too..

At the end of the day, put the time in.. put the dollars in.. bring a full heart and when you can full hands PLUS that check!!!
Children grow up and they dont always remember things the way adults do.. you have to make sure you have some pleasant memories in your head and a sweet taste in your mouth! ‪#‎OGSpeaks‬


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