This Merry Go ‘Round

I can accept the fact that Im quite a multi facted woman.
soon to be 50
Im sure there are some experiences that I havent had
and yet some that I have.

I do know that somewhere in everyone is a “freak”
and my poor baby has been dormant

Its trifling that “some” men rush to respond to body parts but don’t want to string a damn sentence together

Yet the one fills the sapiosexual need is emotionally unavailable

This merry go round is annoying and gut wrenching

Many are so manipulated and damaged in the woes of karmic debt

The extensive healing they have to experience doesnt leave space for love

I speak from necessity because I can’t be the only woman with common sense who does not have a significant other yet desires a partner for more than dick.

I know it’s a matter of time, yet I can’t let cobwebs take up space in my head.

Go deeper, vibrate higher, be free .. Be YOU 1 ❤


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