It’s damn shame when you realize that you just may being set up for the ookie doke as opposed to making strides towards living independently.

Though the City of Charleston opened up it Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) program; they also closed 4 major apartment buildings.

There is no city that can survive with just the rich living in it.

For individuals such as myself who will require a one bedroom, these it seems are hard to find. Even more so, since one doesn’t know the economic figures until they have gone through the process; you can’t even keep your eyes open because you have no idea when the letter will come for the interview.

From what I understand, there are quite a few who have turned down their Housing Choice vouchers because there has simply been no place to rent; for them where they are is better.

This doesnt work for me.. Im in a room. I know how to make do. I need to be able to LIVE in a space that is “MINE”, with some sense of privacy and space; you know just a little something like “regular” people do.

To have a bathtub that I could trust to lay down in, knowing that I can have someone to assist me to get the hell out of. Can’t do that here.

Im putting it out there now… when my time comes.. Im going to need assistance in finding a place to live ON the peninsula. I dont drive so the outskirts are not an option.

I have to look past the first year of being in the program so that I will be able to use the same voucher and apply it to a mortgage.

The basics in my life are being dealt with. Ive learned to LIVE as minimally as possible in the face of survival.

I have somethings that need to be implemented but trust me, without out my own space it aint happening.

I cant bring the drums into play and dancers flow in this one room.
What’s good for the goose doesnt seem to apply to the other geese in this building so it’s best that I DO ME and have my own space to live.

See the one thing about prayers, the answers dont have to be immediate but they do have to be put into the atmosphere. ‪#‎EndHomelessness‬


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