*BAMN’N presents “ISMS” – The Exhibit at the Avery Research Center in Charleston, SC.

ISMS - The Exhibit - Avery Research Center until May 30thISMS - The Exhibit - Avery Research Center until May 30th

February 12, 2015 – May 30, 2015 McKinley Washington Auditorium ISMS is a visual documentation of the many injustices that permeate society featuring the artists of BAMN’N (By Any Means Necessary, Now: Socially Concerned, Aesthetically Astute Contemporary Artists).
BAMN’N artists include KTC/Karole Turner Campbell; Arianne King Comer; Natalie Daise; Susanne Frenzel; Laura Gadson; Gwylene Gallimard & Jean Marie Mauclet; Alvin B. Glen; Jacqueline Johnson; Winston Kennedy; Addelle Sanders. Guest Artist: Dr. Leo Twiggs.
For more information about BAMN’N contact: bamnn123@gmail.com

In February 2015, the artists of *BAMN’N will present the “ISMS” exhibit at the Avery Research Center in Charleston, SC.

With this show we plan to make provocative visual statements on the oppressive and alienating forces that negative “isms wreak on society.

These “isms” are universal in their negative impact on people and neither time nor location buffer their insidious destruction.
Some of these “isms” are: Racism, Sexism, Ageism, Militarism, Terrorism, Classism, Consumerism, Elitism, Anti-Intellectualism, Brutism, Ethnocentrism, Egoism, Parochialism, Separatism, Anti-Semitism, etcetera.
Many of us bear the metaphysical scare of our personal confrontations with these “isms.”

While the mental and emotional scarring can be much more concrete. As artists, however, we have the tools, passion and spirit to visually convey our insights, perspectives on these ills and transform the mundane into powerful, inspiring works of art that will provoke a “hallelujah” from the “saved” and wake-up the complacent.
In the face of current events, both at home and globally, we artist cannot bow down to fear, ignorance, hate and envy – the backbone of negative “isms.”

We stand with all who believe in Freedom, Justice Equality and Human/Civil Rights for all.


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