Documenting is what I do

I was a photographer for our high school yearbook. Midwood.
I was photographer and photo editor for our college yearbook. Temple U.

The common thread: the ability to cover an occasion for setup to break down and prayerfully not miss a beat, yet also show you what you missed.

Boxing is not a sport that came along too often in my world.
Ive had to opportunity and access to it here in Charleston SC.

The Golden Gloves matches are the road to infamy; plain and simple.

To be able to attend the pre-lims to the regionals was more than gravy for me.

Boxing is dance to me. The feet are the foundation, the hands and arms the flourish.

Now this is a tricky thing for me mentally, because the parts of me that dont work correctly is exactly what you need to be in that ring – manipulation of fine motor skills and combined strength and sweet footwork.

So to see them in action from 9 or 10 years old and up to 35.. HEAVEN!!!

Now to bring this all home, I was in the company of Albert “Hollywood” Meggett of Charleston Boxing Club on his 84th birthday no less!!!

Yes Im about that life, listening to Elders all day!!!!! He aint no joke.

The people, young and old love him; he held court at the side of the gym and the stream of well wishers, old and new friends was something that only happens when you’re a well respected man and trainer in of the Fight Game.

I had a blast.. The CBC boxers didnt bring home any wins this time but I have got over 2 hours of footage and nearly 1000 pics.

My blurs are on point and Im loving the videos…

They’ll take a while to produce the various products.. Some I’ll give to the gym for training purposes and others will be for public display!!!!

The training.. the teamwork, yet is all comes down to the person in the ring against their opponent and the referee to keep them in order.

Oh yeah and a stop by Liberty Tap Room on the Lake .. if you’re ever in Irmo SC… it’s a great place with an awesome view.

There a lot of emotions at a boxing match. The ring will silence bravado and bring a smile from the quiet ones.

As folks have always said, there is a lot of heart in the fight game.
Paul Williams was in attendance… a young man the boxing world loves.

A great day, now a memory… time for me to go deal with the evidence of it all!!! ‪#‎DocumentingIsWhatIDo‬


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