Keep Hope Alive

A disturbing trend, I see occurring in several television shows, doesn’t say much for character development. SMH

They have these non participating addicts all falling off the wagon, mind you.. they have been living their lives.. Boots with his gambling addiction… Sherlock with his Heroin, dont get me started about Nurse Jackie .. stopped watching that when they had her stealing ish again … SMH

Abuse is abuse.. stopped watching SVU when they had Liv repeatedly reliving the ordeal she went through..

I dont do self inflicted pain .. mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually..

It’s disturbing because there are REAL PEOPLE who deal with their addictions every day, even when they deal with “people, places and things” they don’t just suddenly backslide after building their lives.

I use the word “building” because some never knew their real self until they put themselves in crisis status and had to learn to work with what the Most High gave them.

The fallacy annoys me. I’m an addict, will be for the rest of my life. This doesn’t mean that I will return to using certain narcotics again as a means of emotional and mental survival.

There are many who LIVE their lives well after having been through bouts with their own personal demons…

Fortunately there are more people in this world who has risen and walk beautiful lives every day than there are those who chose to stay in a state of limbo.

Human Beings are not perfect, but hopefully they learn what works for them.

Filling emotional and mental voids in our life with chemicals gets played out eventually or you die.

Those who CHOOSE TO LIVE don’t stress themselves about what used to be…


The PRESENT is sweetness to those whose lives were filled with fog, so trust me.. they’re not going to give that up easily.


I understand why many count the days, I simply live the moments.

There are many hard roads in life and it takes a lot to knock a person down who spent a lot of time looking up…


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