We extend our hearts, Love and FLY… HUNTY.. LEARN TO FLY!!!

The Universe keeps sending a recurring theme!!! FLY HUNTY!!!! FLY!!!

CONTINUE to Step out on FAITH and do what you do…

Im so grateful for all that Ive been through.

The pitch tar moments of spiritual degradation brought forth blossoming smiles and melodious songs instead of horrific “why the hell I got to be going through this type of shit” screams.

The simple ability of hearing the birds sing and seeing rain drops on petals..

Yes My Love I AM BLESSED!!!!!

So if you have to make a move.. PLOT, PLAN, WORK IT OUT…

I didnt just pick up and walk away from New York.

I put my affairs in order as I went about my business.

See I had been saying and not doing.. I had made and attempt then had to turn back… but this time.. I knew it would work.

There were stops I would make along the way to get to the Holy City.

It’s like a reverse South to North … yet my spirit knew it was going Home.

Charleston is my Jamaica/Africa in the United States. Those geckos/lizards give me life. Instantaneous childhood memories.

The climate was what I needed to at least be a functioning resident.

Winters had near paralyzed my movements. So called relief came from prescriptions that no doctor could write. Mental stresses and self lacking of love fueled a spiral of disillusionment yet true to form was highly functioning in bringing light to those in the deepest of shadows, tucked in the crevices of hell.

I had to be there though. It’s what continues to fuel the fire of life within in.

If I hadnt walked beside “the shoes”, Ive walked “in the shoes” .. it’s that simple.

Life is less that 6 degrees of separation at this point ..

We extend our hearts, Love and FLY… HUNTY.. LEARN TO FLY!!!

I’d like to think I made it past lift off and am experiencing a pretty good flight fueled by natural energy … aint no need for gas…

This spiritual ride has it’s up and downs.. BUT it is WONDERFUL…

I’ve learned so much in the past 5 years… still so much to grasp..I aint in no rush though.. when the time is right .. the door opens .. my ears stay ready though!! 😀


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