Y’all have a blessed day

There are times when we really have to take stock of who we have been aligning ourselves with.

The superficial flow of some smiles in the heat of recent events has proven to take a toll on some “friendships”.

Knowing Agape Love allows one to even have concern for those who have truly caused harm to our spirit, no matter what manner.

it is difficult in these times to have one’s ears perked and eyes at a squint… everything and damn near everyone is suspect.

We’ve been blindsided by global events that seek to destroy the local fabric of life.

As we continue to pray for the Mother Emanuel Church members, the City of Charleston, we must include ourselves.

We must ask for guidance for our tongue and peace in our hearts.

As CC always says .. I come in Peace …

I have to go a step further… my peace may not be your peace, simply understand.. we are in the middle of a revolution… what is pleasing to my eyes, ears and heart just might not be acceptable in thy sight.

My family makes a Benetton ad pale in comparison.. we are international and unless you know our lines … you just dont know.

I dont always have to put honey on my tongue, not when it comes to the human race. Loving and embracing the forces of nature allows me the privilege of also embracing the forces within a human being .. I engage with the spirit of a person.

I no longer “carry weights on my shoulders” which would suck the life out of me. I have to walk MY Walk in order to persevere and be of use in the future.

My heart is with many, yet my body is in control. There are those of us who have to “Be Still”

I truly wish I had a home, I’d like to break bread with some who truly need to get some things off their chests and want to expand their heart reach.

Y’all have a blessed day … make a friend. 1 Love


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