Go Out With A Smile

I come from a line where we laid pennies on the eyelids and tied the jaw.
I come from a line where we create oils to anoint in preparation for the afterlife.
I come from a line where we made the garments of eternal rest.
I come from a line where death is the beginning of life.
I come from a line of witnesses of the process of grief.
I come from a line of spiritual preparers

The quiet is about to set in; the reality of it all.

What the hell really happened in Charleston?

The pain of it all.

You see once the auto-pilot mode is over,
we have to go back to utilizing our personal thoughts and emotions
not feeding off mass hysteria

We will find ways of normalizing our belief system

Yet in still no way accepting that it is NORMAL for 9 people to be killed in a church by a gunman in the Holy City in 2015.

This reality is phuqing surreal. This version of reality is blighted yet unfortunately, rash acts of brutal death have become the norm.

There are those who will never forget these moments and they’ll move on with their empathy for the next cause.

I live in Charleston SC. Ive met many whose lives have been forever changed. The fabric of my life is forever changed.

They are Elders with long memories, so I know I will come to learn even more each day about the many lives touched.

I understand death, it’s just the manner at times… Ain’t no one write life scripts better than G-d …. Shonda aint got nothing on Her!!!!

In the coming weeks… the weight of the travesty to the future of all mankind will manifest itself.

You will come to realize just what the world lost.

That nucleus of 9… such a powerful think tank of visionaries.

You will scream, We will scream, it will come from the depths of our souls – this wrenching of the heart with earthy cries….

The pain of the loss which can drop you to your knees,

ain’t nothing can shrivel up the human body like grief…

it will have you locked in a fetal position tighter than before your Mama spit you out

Funeral preparations

People from out of town

New found peoples

Nosey People

ok back on the job

sitting in traffic one day .. it hits you

you catch a whiff of their scent in the air .. it hits you

you go to call their phone .. it hits you

Damn what we gone eat… the one who is gone is the one who bought the food and cooked it too

Oh Snap… Laundry ..

Slowly but surely, sometimes in the most brutal way

We learn to fill the gap that has been made

Not without screaming though

Death is the one action in life that has no freaking consideration of a person’s emotions

That script … aint a damn soul know before hand…

in the meantime.. RELEASE THEIR SOUL by releasing your anger that they are gone…. do not let it consume you

Just LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST until it happens…

Make a beautiful mark on this earth

Go out with a smile…


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