Im praying for the moments of enlightenment to by far outreach the despicable sadness and rage that human beings have towards each other.

It is frightening to consistently watch communities being “broken down” by those who have never set a foot inside them; concrete jungles, mountain valleys or coastal marshes.

There will be many who will NEVER be able to walk in the shoes of others.

I kept reading posts and the word “they” was being tossed around like used tissue.
I kept trying to figure out who “they” is/are.

“They” seems to be a heck of a description that covers a group of people regardless of their demographic breakdown..

It would seem that “they” are going through hell.. “they” are to be pitied, “they” are to be feared, “they”, “they”, “they”

All I could do was shake my head.. everyone seemed to have the answer… yet no one was going to where “they” lived and be with them in their conditions.

“They” .. I wonder who “they” are … disenfranchised young and angry.. “they”

I pray others begin to take the time to listen… to hear… I pray they make it to adulthood and have some sense of self in the process to stick with life and become contributing members of society.

I pray “they” exercise their right to VOTE.. and work towards making a difference.

Unfortunately, there will always be a category of “they” .. that which others are not far removed from… yet “they” seemed to have forgotten that “they” themselves were once young, full of energy, gaining knowledge and spiritual strength yet requiring patience, care, concern, love and attention.


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