9 days until Election Day 2015 – #ONECharleston – #GregorieforMayor

Gregorie for Mayor 2015 Logo

Whew … 9 days left until Election Day 2015!!!

Ive been meaning to get to this ‪#‎BrainPhart‬ …The whole process is about to come to a head and YOU play a great part in that. ‪#‎CHSMayor‬

Ive been praying for many months now… for our various community leaders; from the POTUS on down to all our mayoral candidates here in Charleston.

Ive been praying for clarity in their actions, words and deeds; for their sanity, emotional and physical as well as spiritual health.

Any political campaign is no joke … it’s a relentless yet rewarding process.

I pray for campaign workers, and poll workers. Most of all.. I pray that the people of Charleston SC (America) would come out on their General Election days and that they exercise their ‪#‎RIGHT2VOTE‬

Most of all Ive prayed for the people of Charleston SC as we have experienced the unimaginable, where love and faith abounded and dismissed hatred yet left the wound of reality wide open. The people of Charleston have risen above it all and I pray will continue to do the right thing.

There are something like 90 precincts at some 42 polling stations…

Im going to need y’all to act like you give a damn about your life and this city.

We’ve got to do more than come out for the presidential election years.. your local municipalities needs your involvement as well. ‪#‎GETINVOLVED‬

Things can’t change unless YOU get involved. ‪#‎ROCKTHEVOTE‬ Nov 3rd

The past few months have been challenging and absolutely awesome.
Though you havent seen evidence of my presence, i.e. photographs or videos, I have been “listening” to Charleston SC.

I have learned so much that Im indeed armed with a knowledge that is quite transferable. We’ll see where it takes me.

The spirituality of Charleston SC allows for one to grow if they are open to life. Let the reclamation of Ancestral Energy be received.

I’ve seen many changes in this city in the past 5 plus years that Ive been here.

Ive had the opportunity to see Charleston from many points of view in the company of many terrific and engaging people.

They are Been Ya’s or Come Ya’s like myself. We are ‪#‎ONECharleston‬!

I think of the spirit that would arise in people if William Dudley Gregorie is elected Mayor of Charleston. The ripple effect of such an appointment by the people would be felt across the entire nation and world.

Charleston SC is Da Root!! …. it is truly essential to the core of the United States of America as we know it.

Opportunities and experiences afforded myself and those around me could have never happened on another campaign.

I come from a people whose credo is “we likkle but we talawa” … I carry this same energy into working for the Gregorie for Mayor campaign.

I BELIEVE IN MY CANDIDATE… The Man, The City Councilman, The HUD Executive, The Church Trustee, The Son of … Brother of … Uncle of … Cousin of .. Friend of… Burke, Benedict, Howard, and so on..

We all know Im not the easiest person to get along with, so imagine having to school me on the nuances of tasks that I must assist with.

The Man has patience to teach me of all people.. he is open to learning, exploring new ideas and has the arsenal of knowledge and experience to bring projects to fruition.

I look at the field of candidates and logically, spiritually, morally and respectfully William Dudley Gregorie is the right person to take Charleston through the transition period of a 40 year regime and encourage the inclusiveness and diversity and opportunity of all, in all aspects of life, work and play!! #ONECharleston

My Vote is cast… Yes, for Gregorie For Mayor.

Im honored to do what I do during this time of change. I know how I came into this city. I’ve seen not only myself, but others come into their own during their involvement with the #ONECharleston campaign. The ripple effect is amazing..

I embrace the humility which allows me to serve as campaign assistant to the next Mayor of Charleston SC William Dudley Gregorie


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