Food historian says Bourdain dodged important issues in Charleston show – Post and Courier

Im a “Come Ya” .. been in Charleston just over 5 years and it hurt to watch the episode.

I can only imagine how it felt for a “Been Ya”.

Im also Jamaican.. to hear folks make such a grandiose deal about Rice and Peas and likkle Sweet Pork…. raaaaasssss man.. ripping up de culture and wrapping it in finery still dont change what it is…

So you telling me that people are happy to eat Hog Mawgs on fine china and act like life is grand… smh

There were dialogues which occurred that I clearly felt my spirit was insulted by the voices who were speaking…

We’ve got to do better.. get OUR STORY out there .. we know we can spread the right word like wild fire!!!


So this happened after a spate of tweets about the season finale of Anthony Bourdain’s show on CNN, Parts Unknown.

Parts Unknown is one of several shows where Anthony Bourdain leads you on a culinary tour through food, careful to look at the culture of the locals, the political and cultural movements simmering around them, the culture and politics of the professional kitchen, and perhaps most importantly the taste, the art and aesthetics of food as an expression of the values, intellect and beauty of people who cook it.

Anthony Bourdain is a hero to many, myself included. He is ever confessional, introspective, searching and beneath his scars a very compassionate man. I have praised him in the past because he has traveled to Sub-Saharan Africa (Ghana, Mozambique, Liberia, Namibia), Haiti, Salvador-Bahia, the Bronx and the Mississippi Delta. He has never shied away from the power of food to…

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