Yet in the midst of this paradise

Pointing fingers, selective discrimination, random acts of racism, institutional
hate, blatant disregard for heritage,
If it’s one thing Ive learned in Charleston ..
Come Ya can’t tell Been Ya NOTHING … LOL
It takes about 50 years for a Come Ya to become a Been Ya …
If Im blessed to see my 100th birthday I would have made it.
Yet in the midst of this paradise,
as I peer at the outside world
(you dont just happen onto Charleston, you have to mean to come here)
the constant threat of life, destruction and mayhem
bloodshed and turmoil
Air Strikes and Bombings
I pray from Sun up to Sun down
Moon rising to that moment when Moon and Sun share the sky
World Peace & Healing
I wear white to soothe the pain
ease the mental strain
As animated as I can be
I am Pisces
I require time to re-assess and re-fuel
Mentally, Spiritually, Emotionally, Physically
I scream on the inside at the random shots of blood drained bodies
The blue/black of that which was red
Yet their insides have hit the air
Dismemberment and amputations
There has been no regard for our sensibilities
I dont watch broadcast television on purpose
No television here,
I may stream a show or two and join the human race
and as soon as 10:59 pm hits …
I click back to my commercial free world
To be this sensitive is a burden
To be this sensitive is a gift
It cannot be given away
It has to be nurtured
It is a skill to walk between rain drops
I simply can’t take the pain
To hear the barrage from CNN, FOX or what have you
The station breaks
Again ..
I would be screaming on the inside
To scream on the outside
they would come and lock me away
I feel cheated right now
I hear the sounds of the sirens, construction and traffic
I strain to hear the songs of the birds
I wish to feel the resonance of the bullfrog’s call
Elders tell a different version of today
Yet the details are somewhat identical
mass hysteria
When will be learn???
I am an immigrant’s child
To hear…
no they cant come
because of where they come from
because of who they come from
because of how they worship
because of what they look like
because of what they have been through
This is what happens when Heaven on Earth becomes Hell on Earth
no one wants to share
It’s hard to witness
This side of the human race
As I say
there but for the grace of …
I dont feel secure
Ive been where it all can get taken away
Again they ask
Why no decorations on the wall,
except for a calendar
Marking time
I did not come to stay
I will not get “comfortable”
circumstances brought me here
Yes Ive been that refugee
running from violence, mayhem
and bloodshed, confusion, abuse and oppression
I was tired, hungry and in need of shelter
I traveled days across state lines
To get back to a place that seemed nice
Yet I would land in a place I had never been
and the door would be open
Such fortune was not for those who would come a week later
How fortunate had I been?
To be able to get in
and begin again.
I pray for those in a state of flux
no matter where in the world you shall be
no one should have to stay a victim forever
Any assistance in the process from survival to living
should be granted with a whole heart
not with hate and fear
but Agape Love

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