.. when the Survivor says NO!!

#BrainPhart There are some who really dont give a damn what your feelings maybe as long as their demands, desires, objectives are followed through.

These selfish acts dont appear to register as such in their psyche.. its a matter of “I want what I want when I want it”.

Such selfishness is continually difficult to accept or receive.

No is not a phrase that many understand.. for some reason everything should always revolve around them.

NO… not in this lifetime.. sucking the energy and spirit of others to accomplish what YOU want as opposed to recognizing that the Sun does not rise, set or revolve around their every selfish need.

Its exhausting to be the one who is “needed” .. as stated before… dont “need” me. I know I’m not the only source of assistance..

Spiritual Assistance does not come from one source.. such as hope springs eternal, the Most High has blessed many with discernment.

There comes a time when the Survivor says NO!
Of course it pisses off the abuser but c’est la vie..

The difference is the abuser doesnt see their actions as such but the Survivor recognizes the feelings they are experiencing in response to the words and actions. #Triggers

The greatest gift of unconditional love I can give…. is to myself. #Hello52


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