20th Charleston Middle Passage Remembrance – June 10th – Ft. Moultrie



Speak the truth about the process.

“Recidivism” – I remember it from one of the first legal briefs I ever typed on my then brand new computer.

It’s a revolving door, in and out the criminal justice system.

The word has stuck with me over the years as I’ve listened to and witnessed the lives of many for whom the penal system is part of the family lineage.

For some, the shackles of cyclical incarceration of family, friends and associates never stops.

No matter how far away away you are.. the degrees of separation when the call rings out.. ain’t too far at all.

I ain’t gone lie.. my phone doesn’t accept collect calls for a reason, yet they find a way to hear my voice.

Even in the darkest hours of our lives, we have to know that there is light somewhere out there.

I’m not the most pleasant to call when you’re locked up. I don’t pull punches .. so it ain’t joy call.

There was one yesterday from a young man who I can only pray for. The chemical imbalance and mental health issues from birth have manifested in such a way that the penal system at times is home away from home. Smh

I remember one young man who went away at 17 came back to 34… oh the transition …

There are model programs everywhere but no standard process for those assimilating back into society.

Not every one has a family base to return to.. some I’m sure return to streets that look so strange they can only wonder, where did they then and how do they now… fit in.


There are many who have gracefully reentered society and are contributing to ensure well being to the masses.

But the young ones caught in the “school to prison pipe line” have to be delivered a new life.

The streets have to spit lessons that are applicable to the real world..

Speak the truth about the process. Plant the seeds of self respect, love of self, creativity and entrepreneurship.

I’ll get back to this. . #BrainPhart

the legacy of those who have crossed before us.

It can be heartbreaking when Angels take flight for their Heavenly assignments.

For the most part, Work Orders come through without warning; well at least for family and friends.

If we are fortunate, we’ve had the opportunity to have full lives with them, have told them we love them and have no regrets.

Only time, allows us to see that their earthly work was complete and they are serving humanity through their deaths.

The sadness of loss is difficult to bear, yet as we reconcile with the spirit of the dearly departed we aren’t so forgiving of the manner in which they were taken from us.

The stress is takes to harbor ill will to exact revenge is soul crushing.

We, somehow, some way … LIVE… that is the legacy of those who have crossed before us.

Take it all at 15 minute increments… trying to see into the next hour is too much.

Grief has stages and takes time to set in.

Just when you think you are fine, the weight of it all drops you to your knees and your cry out in anger against the very heavens above.

Healing takes time. Give yourself some. 1


.. when the Survivor says NO!!

#BrainPhart There are some who really dont give a damn what your feelings maybe as long as their demands, desires, objectives are followed through.

These selfish acts dont appear to register as such in their psyche.. its a matter of “I want what I want when I want it”.

Such selfishness is continually difficult to accept or receive.

No is not a phrase that many understand.. for some reason everything should always revolve around them.

NO… not in this lifetime.. sucking the energy and spirit of others to accomplish what YOU want as opposed to recognizing that the Sun does not rise, set or revolve around their every selfish need.

Its exhausting to be the one who is “needed” .. as stated before… dont “need” me. I know I’m not the only source of assistance..

Spiritual Assistance does not come from one source.. such as hope springs eternal, the Most High has blessed many with discernment.

There comes a time when the Survivor says NO!
Of course it pisses off the abuser but c’est la vie..

The difference is the abuser doesnt see their actions as such but the Survivor recognizes the feelings they are experiencing in response to the words and actions. #Triggers

The greatest gift of unconditional love I can give…. is to myself. #Hello52

UPDATED EVENT #WomensMarchCHS Jan 21 –


Due to the incredible response and support for our Charleston Sister March, we are now MARCHING from 9 designated garages all over the city and will RALLY at BRITTLEBANK PARK!


DEPARTURE from Designated Parking Garages (see list below**) & MARCH to Brittlebank Park

RALLY at Brittlebank Park (on Lockwood Drive)

**If you are unable to march, you can park at Brittlebank and only attend the rally. For those who DO want to march, there are 9 parking garages designated as meeting places for an 11am march departure to Brittlebank (each march will be led by 2 marshals):

Garage 1 – 1 Cumberland Street (2.3 miles to Brittlebank)

Garage 2 – 24 Calhoun Street (2.1 miles)

Garage 3 – 12 St. Philip Street (1.7 miles)

Garage 4 – Hampton park (1.6 miles)

Garage 5 – 89 St. Philip Street (1.5 miles)

Garage 6 – 399 King Street (1.5 miles)

Garage 7 – 158 Ashley Avenue (1.4 miles)

Garage 8 – 81 Mary Street (1.3 miles)

Garage 9 – 122 Bee Street (0.4 miles)

Only shirts ordered by 12pm on 1/16 will be available for pickup on SATURDAY MORNING at BRITTLEBANK PARK from 9:30-10:30. Shirts will also be available for pickup at the rally at Brittlebank Park starting at 12. Thank you for your support! We can’t wait for this incredibly positive day of empowerment! #womensmarchCHS #charlestonstrong


This positive Sister March is all about inclusivity, activism and community. Bring your signs for peace, equality, solidarity, love and support, as well as your friends, family, enthusiasm and determination for a brighter tomorrow. RSVP for this event AND HERE! https://actionnetwork.org/events/wmow-charleston

MISSION: We stand together in solidarity with our partners and children for the protection of our rights, our safety, our health, and our families – recognizing that our vibrant and diverse communities are the strength of our country.